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Bashneft Launches Production of Gasoline with New High-Octane Component

05 February 2024

The Ufaorgsintez petrochemical plant (part of Rosneft) started production of a high-octane component for motor gasoline as part of an operational efficiency improvement programme. This product significantly improves the performance of the fuel already available to consumers at Bashneft filling stations. The economic impact of the new development for the fourth quarter of 2023 alone was more than 200 million roubles.

The basis of the high-octane component is isopropylbenzene (IPB) produced by Ufaorgsintez, which in terms of purity (at least 99.9%) has no analogues in Russia and exceeds world quality standards. The new component increases the octane number of motor gasoline and improves the quality characteristics of the fuel. This gives the engine optimum performance and maximum efficiency through complete and uniform combustion.

The new product manufactured by Ufaorgsintez has passed all the necessary tests, including sanitary and epidemiological testing of technical specifications at the Hygiene and Epidemiology Centre of the Republic of Bashkortostan, as well as testing of technical specifications at the Muratshin Republican Centre for Standardisation, Metrology and Testing.

Ufaorgsintez's isopropylbenzene production capacity is currently 100% utilised.

Note for Editors:

Ufaorgsintez (part of Bashneft's refining and petrochemical complex) is one of Russia's largest petrochemical enterprises specialising in the large-scale production of high-quality organic synthesis products and polymer materials - phenol, acetone, polyethylene and polypropylene. The enterprise produces more than 30 types of products and provides about 30% of Russia's production of phenol and acetone, 14% of high-pressure polyethylene and 8% of polypropylene.

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February 5, 2024

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